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Job Details

Operations - TX - Tyler, TX
Full Time
High School
Road Warrior
General Labor

The Driller is responsible for ensuring that the work in and around the drill floor and BOP as well as the rig up and rig down procedures and the drilling operations occurs in a safe and effective manner thereby meeting and / or exceeding Scandrill, Inc. and the contracting Company’s goals and objective for safety, production and budget. The Driller works under the direction and supervision of the Rig Manager.

Key Relevant Tasks:

  • Anticipate potential problems, pre plan and implement corrective action in a timely manner thereby helping to ensure outcomes reach company goals for the drilling operations
  • Work with the Rig Manager to assist with post-analysis reviews of critical actions and implement ongoing best practice activities for future operations
  • Ensuring the safety of the drill crew and all support personnel working in and about the drill floor
  • Oversee proper rig up and rig down, continual preventive maintenance and repair of the equipment used in the drilling operations along with ensuring continual cleaning and housekeeping in and about the drill floor
  • Ensure drilling operations follow the established plan
  • Substitute for a Floorhand in the absence of a trained Floorhand
  • Together with the Rig manager, continually train and develop employees working on the drilling rig so as to meet the employee’s career goals while at the same time meeting the needs of the company
  • Responsible for monitoring the progress of the drilling operation, and determining when bits need to be changed while operating pumps, rotary table, draw-works and drill pipe.
  • Ability to operate rig utilizing rig controls while monitoring the operation of various equipment (pump pressures, weight indicator, drill string weight,)
  • Knowledge of Drilling rig equipment capacity and functionality including but not limited to Top Drives, accumulator units, draw works
  • Adjust mud pumps to maintain the proper circulation rate
  • Ability to perform basic math functions

Essential Functions:

  • Attention span to stay alert and attentive for up to 12-hour tour
  • Able to work 7 or 14 days on and 7 or 14 days off, including holidays, weekends and or days and nights
  • Able to work well with others while working in a close environment for extended periods of time with minimal ability to leave the driller’s cabin
  • Make important judgement decisions that affect the safety of the crew  
  • Give verbal instructions clearly and concisely
  • Advanced knowledge of the emergency shut-in procedures and be able to respond to any emergency efficiently and professionally
  • Able to stand or stand and walk throughout the tour while wearing steel-toed boots. Occasionally climb steep stairs and walking on steel decking as well as gravel, board roads and area that can be covered in drilling fluids, mud, snow and ice
  • Must be able to climb stairs and ladders repetitively, work in an unprotected environment, as well as lift / carry and work with items weighing upwards of 35 lbs.
  • Assist the Rig Manager with troubleshooting and problem-solving duties and decisive manner
  • Other duties as required by the Rig Manager



Minimum Qualifications:

  • Ability to perform essential functions of this position with or without reasonable accommodations.
  • Previous rig experience as a Floorhand, Motorhand and/or Derrickhand for Scandrill or 1-year experience as a Driller for another drilling company
  • Strong knowledge of the Floorhand, Motorhand and Derrickhand positions
  • Ability to wear respiratory protective devices
  • Must have reliable transportation to and from the rig  

Preferred Qualifications:

  • High school diploma, certificate or equivalent
  • AC and/or SCR Rig experience
  • Completion of Certified Supervisory Well Control course that is unexpired
  • Experience using computers and multiple screens to monitor drilling activities


Life On The Rig at Scandrill