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Job Details

Operations - TX - Tyler, TX
Full Time
High School
$27.30 Hourly
Road Warrior
General Labor

The job of the Motorhand is to safely and efficiently ensure that the regular preventative maintenance and repair activities for the generators, main engines, air compressors, portable water system, drill water manifold and pumps, and cold start air compressors occur in a timely manner to prevent downtime and ensure the efficient and continual functioning of the mechanical equipment used in the operation of the drilling rig. The Motorhand works under the direction of the Rig Manager.

Key Relevant Tasks

  • Perform regular rounds where he / she will look, listen and feel the equipment 
  • Anticipate problems that may occur and implement corrective action to prevent problems from developing.  When problems are found, analyze the problem area and problem solve / implement a solution to resolve the issue and keep the system operational
  • Ensure that fuel and oil transfers are performed in a safe manner while complying with all state, federal and company rules and regulations as they pertain to this area of the drilling industry
  • Assist the Mechanic with major mechanical problems and repairs that he / she does not have the expertise to complete
  • Along with the Rig Manager and Driller, provide supervision and direction to the Floorhands and Derrickhand during rig up / down procedures
  • Provide relief on the drill floor for the Floorhands, and when trained the Derrickhand and Driller
  • Operate the forklift to offload / back load / relocate equipment, pipe, tubulars, casings, ect.

Essential Functions

  • Attention span to stay alert and attentive for up to 12 hour tour while performing sometimes repetitive and monotonous tasks
  • Able to works 7 or 14 days on and 7 or 14 days off, including holidays, weekends and or days and nights
  • Able to receive verbal and written instructions
  • Must be able to stand and walk for a minimum of 4 hours at any one time, including standing and walking on steel decking as well as gravel, board roads and mud, snow and ice
  • Must be able to independently lift / handle items that weigh upwards of 115 lbs(pull slips), lift / handle 100 lbs and hand tools, including 16 lbs - 20 lbs sledge hammers, throughout the shift. Must be able to lift 60 lbs to 5' height as well as carry 60 lbs up / down stairs
  • Able to bend, stoop, kneel, twist, and crawl throughout the tour work shift while wearing Personal Protective Equipment at all times
  • Listen for unusual noises that signify equipment and machinery problems
  • Assist the Rig Manager with troubleshooting and problem-solving duties and decisive manner.
  • Other duties as required by the Rig Manager


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Ability to perform essential functions of this position with or without reasonable accommodations
  • Minimum of 3 months experience as a Floorhand for Scandrill or 6 months experience as a Motorhand for another drilling company
  • Ability to wear respiratory protective devices
  • Ability to complete the essential functions of Floorhand duties when needed
  • Must have reliable transportation to and from the rig


Preferred Qualifications:

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • The knowledge and experience in maintaining and repairing various types of diesel engines as well as mechanical devices
Life On The Rig at Scandrill